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Create a Little Red Riding Hood Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn to extract a model and work on her skin with the Smudge Tool. We'll merge into a dark forest background and add some final adjustments with a wolf and some lights and shadows to create the right atmosphere.

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How to use the History Brush - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Today we will learn:
-how the history brush works;
-what does the history brush do.

submitted: 5 years and 2957 days ago

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Undo, History, and Revert - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial we'll make a bunch of complex changes to a layered Photoshop file, then show you how easy it can be to remove the changes we don't like while leaving the good stuff untouched.

submitted: 5 years and 2597 days ago

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