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How To Create a Sleek Grid Based Website Design - Photoshop Tutorial

Want to get your teeth stuck into a website design project to sharpen your skills?

Follow this step by step tutorial to create a sleek website design for a fictional eyewear company. In the tutorial we’ll build the Photoshop design concept with a dark colour scheme and lay out the content to a solid underlying grid.

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How to Make a Highly-Textured Site Layout - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll create a textured site layout by layering multiple images. Creating highly-textured web design layouts is easier than you may think. You can learn to build image intensive designs rapidly. For intermediate Photoshop designers creating this design will take less than an hour, and you'll learn some professional tips along the way. Let's get started!

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Create a Logo - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Learn how to design and create a stunning and unique logo for your business or website, using the gradient tool and texturizer feature.

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Save for Web and Devices - Photoshop Video Tutorial

If you're creating Web graphics, then there's no substitute for Save for Web & Devices. It disposes of non-essential data, reduces file sizes to their absolute minimum, and converts the image to RGB, the color space of the people.

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