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Mockup Blister Packaging - Photoshop Tutorial

Designers and clients often have different ideas about how a finished product should be presented. Designers want to show the finished artwork, clients want to know exactly how their design will look on the shelves.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create a mockup for some blister packaging so that you can present your design to your clients.

Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
* Difficulty: Intermediate
* Estimated Completion Time: 2 Hour

Let’s get started!

submitted: 5 years and 2347 days ago

How to make an Interface - Photoshop Tutorial

This is very important tutorial for those who wanted to make their First ever website project. In this tutorial I’ll teach you how you can make your First ever Interface (Mockup) for your project. You will also learn some basic things to keep in mind before starting the project. So lets start.

submitted: 5 years and 2347 days ago

How to Create Brochure Mockups - Photoshop Tutorial

If you are beginner when it comes to print out things you can forget the headache while preparing document to print and leave behind all that weird-vector-things. With this tutorial you will be able to create a print-ready tri-fold brochure in nothing but Photoshop. The techniques shown here could be applied to any other printing documents as well, like flyers, business cards etc.

submitted: 5 years and 2347 days ago

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