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Remove Glasses Digitally - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In this video we will take a look at a very special way to remove an element from an image. In case we will be removing a pair of glasses from this young woman's face and it the process rebuilding parts of her eyes as well as doing some heavy retouch work to the face in general.

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Creating a Reflection in Shattered Glass - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Today's episode features creating the reflection of a woman, whose scream may or may not have broken the glass in question, into a shattered mirror.

Let's begin!

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How to Create Sunglasses Reflection - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Learn how to create interesting sunglasses reflections in Photoshop, by watching this video tutorial created by IceflowStudios.

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Do I Need Sharpening or Should I Wear Eyeglasses Instead? - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Are you new to Photoshop? Have you been trying to teach yourself the basics of Photoshop but have found the amount of educational material available on the net a bit overwhelming?

This tutorial is demonstrating everything you will need to know to start working with sharper images in Photoshop.

Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Photoshop
* Difficulty: Beginner
* Estimated Completion Time: 7 Minutes

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