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How the Content Aware Scale Works - Photoshop Tutorial

The content aware scale tool is one of the unknown features in Photoshop. I'll explain how this tool works in this tutorial.

Sometimes you take a photo of let's say a bird close to drinking bowl (see photo below) and afterwards you realize the bird is further away then you thought, you could fix that [...]
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Content Box - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In this tutorial I will teach everyone how to create a content box with gradient, text, inner shadow, drop shadow and the slice tool.

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Remove Objects from an Image with Content Aware Fill - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Use this tutorial created by trickvilla to remove unwanted objects or obstructions from an image using Photoshop CS5 new feature called: content aware fill.

Just follow the simple video to know how.

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Content-Aware Patch Tool in CS6 - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Finally, Content-Aware has been brought to the Patch Tool in Photoshop CS6!

Check out why this is such a big deal in this video tutorial by IceflowStudios.

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Learn about the Content Aware Move Tool - Photoshop Video Tutorial

One of the more cutting-edge features delivered in Photoshop CS6 Beta is the brand new Content-Aware Move Tool. The concept of this tool is that you will be able to select objects in your image and move them around and Photoshop will do all the edge work and re-blend your object (face, person, building, car, etc... etc...) into whatever part of the image you move it to.

The tool is a far cry from being perfect and often time's takes a little tweaking and playing with to get a great result.

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Some New Tools in CS6 - Photoshop Video Tutorial

This video tutorial by by SharkPixel is a rough spin around some of the new features introduced in Adobe Photoshop's CS6 beta, including:

The new content aware move tool
The new content aware patch tool settings
The not so new puppet warp tool

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