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The Making of Lost Little Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how a little lost girl from the cocktail drinks. It takes some patience, burn tool, dodge tool and a lot of warping to get to the desired result, but eventually you'll end up with a super cute girl.

The cocktail drink source image can be found here: cocktails photoshop [...]
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Written by: darkshellie23
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Pentool Vectoring - Photoshop Video Tutorial

This Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorial will show you how to pentool and vector using the dodge and burn tools for shading. Once again created to help tutor Teli but i'm sure it can help someone else too :D

You will learn:
How to trace an image with pentool
How to use Dodge
How to use Burn
How to make the shell of a snail, who wouldn't want to learn that :D

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Burn Dodge Sponge - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Going over the Burn, Dodge and Sponge tools in Photoshop.

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Toning and Burning - Photoshop Video Tutorial

We will show you how to use and create custom Gradient Maps and burning to render a more dramatic image.

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