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PaintBucket Fill & Gradients - Gimp Tutorial

The next two tools are the Paint Bucket Fill tool and the Gradient Tool.
Both these tools allow you to fill in selections. One with a solid color or pattern and the other with a gradient.

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Improved Animated Highlight - Gimp Tutorial

For this tutorial you'll need to have some basic gimp skills, like creating new documents, working with gradients, adding new layers, etc. We will not be going over these basic steps.

submitted: 5 years and 2096 days ago

Using Gradients for Photos - Gimp Tutorial

In this very simple tutorial we’ll show you how to achieve a very similar Neural Density Filter (N.D Filter) effect to your photographs by using gradients in GIMP.

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Create iPhone Icons - Gimp Video Tutorial

In this video we will look at creating and editing gradients, using blend modes with effects, creating and editing masks, and the click and drag multiple shapes tip using the tilde (`) key.

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Advanced Shadows - Gimp Video Tutorial

Create a feeling of realism and discover how to use shadows, along with gradients, borders and colours, effectively. This tutorial is a fully detailed video available for download along with the source file.

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