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Creating a Fruits Tree - Bryce Tutorial

The new Bryce 5 Tree Lab is a great feature for making all four essential components
of a tree: tree overall shape, tree trunk, tree branches and tree foliage.
Now we are going to add a fifth component (with some limitations) - Tree Fruits.
The secret formula is ... to substitute branches and trunks with forms and textures imitating Fruits!
All 3D images are straight out of Bryce 5 with no post work or image processing.

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Somewhere to Put It - Bryce Tutorial

# Using the Terrain Editor to customize the Terrain
# Generating Elevations
# Using the Terrain Canvas for complete control
# More of the Material Editor
# Changing the colors of Preset Materials
# Adding your own Presets
# Using Textures in the Material Editor
# Using the Tree Lab to customize Trees
# Metaballs, and How to Use Them
# Making Symmetrical Lattices
# Making Rocks

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Landscape 5 (The Forest) - Bryce Video Tutorial

The Forest is another quick and easy landscape using a "mountain" to create a simple model -- in this case, a forest full of trees. Experiment with different textures (trunk, terrain, etc.) to get...

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