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How To Create A Beautiful Sunset With Ocean - Bryce Tutorial

In this tutorial we will make a beautiful Sunset scene using Bryce 5.5
We will learn how to make
1. The sky
2. The water
3. The terrain/mountain

We use photoshop for adding ducks in the sunset scene. Also for making some minor adjustments like color balance.......( I have used photoshop cs2)

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Written by: nishagandhi
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Multiple Suns - Bryce Tutorial

The Bryce4 Sky Lab is a very powerful area, however one of its shortcomings is the lack of ability to have multiple suns. In this tutorial, we will discuss a technique to create multiple suns within Bryce. This tutorial will work in Bryce 3 and Bryce will not work in Bryce 2 because it lacks volumetric materials.

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Landscape 2 (Desert) - Bryce Video Tutorial

Creating a desert in Bryce is more difficult because you can't rely on your water to make your scene look cool. We like to work with camera angles, haze, sun/sky settings, and textures to make my scenes really pop. Experiment and have fun!

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Landscape 1 (Island Sunset) - Bryce Video Tutorial

The Island is probably the most common and most basic landscape that you can create in Bryce. We like to take it a step further and edit the mountain a bit for more realism.

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