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1 - Blowing in the Wind - Houdini Tutorial

Here's a quick example of how to use particles to create a field of grass complete with a gentle wind blown effect. The file has two components: the source geometry and the particle system. Note: If you're not familiar with the sin() expression take a look at Anatomy of a Sine Wave Expression in the Houdini User Guide before proceeding.

submitted: 5 years and 1614 days ago

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2 - Mover 2 Plugin - Vue Tutorial

The new Mover 2 Plugin for Vue d'Esprit is a very nice addition to an excellent landscape generator program. Instead of a complicated animation plugin, Mover 2 creates with an easy to learn Wizard interface. Your given a choice of vehicles from airplanes and missiles to cars and pedestrians with options on how the vehicle responds to motion. Speed and repeat settings are available so you can tweak the velocity and if you want the animation to loop, repeat once or create a nice pendulum effect. You create the path for your vehicle in a wireframe view, adding, deleting and editing Waypoints until you get the path you want. After you have your path setup the Wizard will show you your plot of camera altitudes and you can set the amount of seconds you want the animation to run.

submitted: 5 years and 1765 days ago

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3 - Fractal Terrains - Bryce Tutorial

This tutorial is on how you can turn a fractal into a terrain in Bryce from Metatools, although this concept can be applied to most other graphics programs. We're assuming that you've already spent time tinkering with Bryce, and if this is the case, this should be a snap. (By the way- this tutorial was created in Bryce 2 for Windows; this will work in Bryce 3D as well, you'll just have to adjust to the different interface.) We've included everything in this tutorial- the images found here, as well as the scene file we used for this tutorial in a ZIP file which you can open up in Bryce 2 and Bryce 3D so you can study it. Before we do anything else, let's take a look at the basics of what we're working with, shall we?

submitted: 5 years and 1793 days ago

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