Get Your Exposures Right with Spot Metering - Photography tutorial

All digital SLR cameras today come with a built in light meter. The TTL, or Through The Lens meter is a crucial tool that helps you get exposures right. However, it is only a tool and it can and does give you wrongly exposed photographs is you follow its readings like a holy book! Let us look at spot metering, the professional’s favored metering mode, and how one can apply it creatively during the picture making process.
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Using Pop-Up Flash With Ambient Light Creatively - Photography tutorial

Alright, so you know what flash photography is about. It’s pretty simple to pop up your pop-up flash and make accurate exposures leaving the flash on AUTO mode, right? On the other hand, this approach gives you absolutely flat lighting with a zero artistic touch. Anyone in their right mind would stay away from flash altogether, with this frame of mind. We also read on innumerable websites that pop-up flash is boring, period! It’s sad to hear of that when it is in fact NOT the truth by a long shot. Read on!
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