Drastically Improve Your Photos in Less Than 5 Minutes - Photography tutorial

In this tutorial I will try to show you how to improve your photos in just five minutes with some adjustment layers. Although the process of this tutorial is made with Photoshop CS5 it may also be made with the CS3 version and above of this program. You do not need to be an experienced user since the whole process is pretty simple and easy to follow and all the techniques explained are made using adjustment layers with very simple masks. The best way of practicing is taken a plain or bad shot; the photograph I have used for this example was taken in almost the worst conditions. That is in a sunny afternoon at the beach with backlight conditions. The camera sensors do not work as our eyes; luckily we have Photoshop to solve this. You also can download the original file from here
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Create a Surrealistic City Scene From Drawings And Photos - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to make a surrealistic city scene, merging different images with some drawings. We will use the following source images: Source 1: Old paper texture - by Andreyutzu @ SCX Source 2: Clouds - by Eserna @ SCX Source 3: Flying books - by Danielle20 @ SCX Source 4: The statue - most important element of this work, by Paolo Brandao @ Flickr
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Create Natural High Dynamic Range Images Without Noise - Photography tutorial

In this tutorial I will try to show how to get a high dynamic range, noise-free image with the combination of three shots. The difference using this technique is that the generated HDR looks totally natural for the viewer, whereas the HDR programs tend to make too much 'painted' photos that are noisy with special effects and halos. The image generated here is as if our camera was able to capture from the top highlight value to the darkest of the shadow, everything in a vivid and clear image. Thanks to Megan a.k.a MadameMonty and Claire a.k.a Falkor for the support and the suggestions For this Practice you can download the RAW files used here: http://rapidshare.com/files/319972393/3_RAWs_in_a_ROW.zip
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Create a Colorful Woodpecker and Tree Scenery - Photoshop tutorial

This tutorial is intended for everyone who is beginning at digital drawing/painting, if you like drawing and Photoshop then you are the perfect candidate to follow this tutorial. I will show here how I have made this image from scratch, using simple techniques like clipping masks and layer blending modes. The tools I used were basically the brush and the smudge ones; I also used the fibers filter to make some texture. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to get, it is always useful searching for some references. We need to create an old tree and a woodpecker for the image. Looking for some pictures of the elements I wanted to create was very helpful for me before doing anything else. There are a lot of pictures of woodpeckers and old trees at SCX. Look for some woodpeckers pictures. The things you have to take into account are the proportions and check the colors. Look also the usual positions of this birds on the tree. In order to help you to create the tree you can search for some old trees on the web and check of the trunks forms and shapes. Check also how the bark fits into the trunk to have a clear idea of what you should paint.
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How to Draw Cartoonish Cavemen - Making of The First Photoshopper - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I'm going to explain the making of the 'first chopper'. We'll be using a cave painting source image and we'll draw two cartoonish cavemen on our image. Sources used: 1: Cave Painting Source 2: http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=26006 3: http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=15100
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Five Ways Of Masking - Photoshop tutorial

To mask or not to mask? For me the best way to create a cut-out of an image is masking, in this way the masked parts are just hiding and you always come back if you make a mistake. Also the mask is editable in some ways as we'll see in the next steps of this tutorial
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