DIY - Create Budget Flash Diffusers from a Milk Jug - Photography tutorial

While searching for ways to make cheap camera accessories, I came across a "do it yourself" project for a poor mans ring flash I tried making this ring flash and did not like it, but in the process, I had many ideas of how to make my own accessories out of milk jugs. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make two easy diffusers for your flash. One for an on camera flash and the other for a slave flash; both made from a single milk jug.
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How to Create a Low-Budget Reflector or Diffusor - Photography tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a collapsable disc reflector or diffuser out of a vehicle sun shade for about $10. You may even find them at a resale store for $0.99 like I did!
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Create a 3D Gate Using a Black and White Picture - Bryce tutorial

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a 3D gate with a flat black and white picture using the Symmetrical Lattice in Bryce.
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Make a 2D Picture Object - Bryce tutorial

This tutorial will describe how to use pictures as 2D objects in Bryce. You can make people, pets, objects and more come alive in your scene by following a few simple steps.
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How To Create Cute Fireflies With Glass Protection - Paintshop-Pro tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create cute fireflies with paintshop pro, from scratch. We'll also create a nice glass bottle. Everything in this scene was made from scratch. Everyone wants to catch fireflies in glass jars. In this tutorial i'm going to make catching them impossible by giving the firefly a glass protection! Just as fast as they switch on their lights, they can switch on their glass protection! I looked at a bunch of firefly pictures to see what they looked like and I used a glass jar picture as a starting point to make my glass jar - which I will put in as a source because it was a reference. Thanks to Sha Sha Chu for the glass jar. Sources used: 1:
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How To Make A Waterfall - Bryce tutorial

With Bryce, there are several ways to make waterfalls. In this tutorial I'll show you the easiest and most effective one. Using this method, you can also make a stream or river flowing into a lake.
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Create A Boolean Hollow Object - Bryce tutorial

Bryce gives you all kinds of neat 3D objects, but how do you make them hollow? how can you make a bowl or bucket? This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make a hollow object by duplicating, changing the properties and grouping.
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How to Make Cool Fractals - Paintshop-Pro tutorial

How to make cool fractals from scratch with some basic steps in Paint Shop Pro. I am using Version 7 but I believe the tools used are standard in almost all versions. Awesome fractal images can be made with just a small imagination! Enjoy! Paint Shop Pro is very similar to Photoshop so you can probably use just about the same steps. This tutorial has many detailed steps but making the fractal is very fast and easy!
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