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looks so romantic!

(5 years and 2794 days ago)

Carried Away
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nice mood... looks very calm, but i still hear the sound of the dice... good work..

(5 years and 2946 days ago)

The game
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very creative and excellent.. well Golem has already told everything.. i jus need to echo.. hats off..

(5 years and 2948 days ago)

nap time
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doesnt really look like ur second attempt at portrait... this one is awesome.. and this guy is really happy.. very happy... i like his innocence.. feels like a good friend.

(5 years and 2950 days ago)

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i like the way u have arrranged the song list.. reminds me of collage.. extremely good and a nice thought..

(5 years and 2950 days ago)

crafty animals debut
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wow!! can sumthing sooo detailed!!!! excellent!

(5 years and 2952 days ago)

waiting for Leo (pensive mood)
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simple and neat.. wish you all the very best!!!

(5 years and 2953 days ago)

Dyson Sphere
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you are amazing... this one is a fantastic idea, well conceived and well executued.. hats off

(5 years and 2957 days ago)

Line of Attack
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hey that a cool idea.. i think u cud still work out on the hands.. the pouring sand from his hand should either be completely taken off or atleast blended to match the skin.. and the concept..

(5 years and 2958 days ago)

Abnormal Behavior Child
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wonderful thought and good luck to u.. photo-art at your mercy is wat i can i say.

(5 years and 2964 days ago)

crystal city