How To Draw A Proportioned Hand Structure - Traditional-Drawing tutorial

I remember that when I started drawing, one of the more difficult things to do (for me) were the hands, and that's the reason why for long time I've drawn people with the arms/hands hidden. If you've had my same problem, or you're a beginner, this is the tutorial for you. In this tutorial I'll show how to draw the hand structure, starting from 2 simple circles. Then, using them as basis, I'll show how to create a proportioned hand. When you'll learn to draw the structure, it will be easier drawing hands in different positions, like I'll show with some examples. This tutorial can be used for paper drawings or digital drawings on a tablet in combination with Photoshop for examples.
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Create An Audrey Kawasaki Style Wood Girl - Photoshop tutorial

One of my favorite artists is Audrey Kawasaki. Her beautiful women painted with oil on wood are both innocent and erotic, usually melancholic. I really love them so I tried to modify a picture to recreate her style. If you're interested in her works this is her site: Audrey Kawasaki - Some of her artworks could disturb very sensitive people (I said "could". I think that they're simply erotic and I'm not upset for some drawn animal skeleton, but I'm not All The People).
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How To Create An Andy Warhol Serigraphy Effect - Photoshop tutorial

A friend of mine, who really loves Andy Warhol, has asked me to explain him a technique to change pictures into sort of Warhol serigraphies, like the Marilyn Monroe's ones; in this tutorial I will explain how to make that effect.
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