How to realistically paint Super Sculpey Characters - Photoshop tutorial

This is a very easy tutorial that shows very fast and simple ways to paint your 3d sculptures. Not all of us have those expensive 3d rendering programs but we can certainly achieve the real thing by sculpting our own characters and further develop them using photoshop. In this tutorial I used a photo of my character made with Super Sculpey, a material similar to clay but more flexible. To be able to paint it I would have had to bake it first and hope it would not crack. Thankfully my best Friend Photoshop came to the rescue! I saved plenty of time and paint. I used a Wacom tablet called Bamboo that I got 2 years ago for 70$. I think you can get one now at for 90$.I highly recommend it if you want to paint or draw or do anything detail oriented in any Adobe program, especially in Photoshop. This was done in CS3.
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The Making Of A Line Horse - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I will explain how I made the line horse. To begin, I had to look for a reference image with good potential. I like to work with reference images which are very helpful for people who are not very skilled at drawing. The source image also gave me the idea to do something with lines. Lines are very simple and easy to work with once you put them in patterns. The secret is to have lots of patience and determination. This is what we'll get by the end of the tutorial. The hi-res source image we'll use to make our lines: map stack
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