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You're sources are okay now. We've all made mistakes, you should check out the Pxleyes Guide, you can download it here: http://www.pxleyes.com/courses/pxleyes-guide/ it has all the info you need to participate and more.
If you have any questions just send a PM to spaceranger by going to: http://www.pxleyes.com/profile/spaceranger/ and click on the green bar.

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Full Mind
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Source 2:Hand is vector art and can't be used>
5.6. 3D Renders or Illustrations as Source:
Using other people's 3D renders or illustrations (even with permission and no matter in which form they are offered) creates a false impression of your artwork. So 3D renders or illustrations can not be used as sources, unless they are entirely created by yourself. Only acceptable non-illustration brushes and clip art may be used, but you need to mention them as a source too. Don't use an image that has been altered by the source owner nor an entire work created by someone else.

Please replace the source with one that is acceptable.

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Full Mind
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Someone could make a killing with a good gargle product Good Luck.

(5 years and 210 days ago)

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hehehe, I thought that the roll on top was a Kitty sleeping (because of the thumbnail) hehehe.. neat idea good luck author

(5 years and 404 days ago)

The Candy House
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author, a little burning/shading around the floating "Mask" might give it a little more density to give it more of a solid rather than a flat feel.
Also, if you go to this link
These are photograph produced brushes that are allowed in competition and you might find a "better" source smoke from here. The current smoke you are using is fine, but you might be able to find a more dramatic look as the smoke you are using in this chop looks a tad bit distorted. Only my opinion of course. Good luck

(5 years and 448 days ago)

Secrets of the Desert...
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Pretty neat

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He is here...