Colors of Music

    Colors of Music
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    My Third contest entry. This is not to demostrate any skills in photoshop but to say that for me, music is like color and the notes are the hues. A musician may understand me better, the Lydian scale is more "pink-like" for me than the frigian one.

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    Who cares what is about as long as it sells tickets seems to be our society standar, and here the owners of the trata mountains teleferic chairs try to atract the christian comunity to enjoy the ride. Would they go?? My second contest, hope you like it. The image of the virgin was taken from www....

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    The Halloween Pendulum

    The Halloween Pendulum

    Ready to get you in the night! Watch out for the Little Red Berry Faces coming to eat you alive!! Run for your lives!!! This is my first contest work and, hope you like it. I would like it not to be the last. And I'm a spanish speaker, so forgive my english. Good Vibrations to all of you, Peopl...

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