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avatar petersheep

Superior beings are too intelligent to risk any relationship and the risk of injury, the brain then advanced to them, they prefer to stay with reason than with emotion, but end up being alone without getting hurt

Thx for coment!

(5 years and 1410 days ago)
avatar housy
housy says:

hi thanks for the cute comment...i'm a newbie here can we be friends!

(5 years and 1417 days ago)
avatar Neese
Neese says:

Thanks for your nice comment!

(5 years and 1418 days ago)
avatar captgeo
captgeo says:

Thank you very much for your kind words for my "In the Dark" entry.

(5 years and 1427 days ago)
avatar dreamboy
dreamboy says:

Thanks man for favorite my entry.

(5 years and 1428 days ago)
avatar sdaniela
sdaniela says:

Thank you so much for your comment at my sunflower ! I really appreciate it!

(5 years and 1429 days ago)
avatar erathion
erathion says:

My pleasure...

(5 years and 1430 days ago)
avatar Brunheroti

Thanks Great job!

(5 years and 1434 days ago)
avatar nishagandhi

thanks a lot for ur comment on my flying girl

(5 years and 1443 days ago)
avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Thank you very much for the fav and the enthusiastic comments for my entry in the MixedMan. 9 contest!

(5 years and 1450 days ago)
avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Thanks for the favorite.

(5 years and 1452 days ago)
avatar TwilightMuse

Thanks for the comments. I think the "Shrunk contest" Idea is fantastic so Kudos for suggesting it!

(5 years and 1473 days ago)
avatar velkanx
velkanx says:

Hi..thanx for the Xmas wishes..wish u a fab xmas too :]

(5 years and 1488 days ago)
avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Thanks again for all congrats! And well done once again on your win!

Happy Holidays my friend!

(5 years and 1490 days ago)
avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

Thank you for the comment on the waz eye. appreciate it.

(5 years and 1499 days ago)
avatar sophia
sophia says:

Thanks for the fav

(5 years and 1500 days ago)
avatar maclu2iaf
maclu2iaf says:

Thank you Emik.! and for me you have a unique perspective !

(5 years and 1516 days ago)
avatar shankarsadamate229

Thanks for the comment !

(5 years and 1531 days ago)
avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

Thank you Emik for your kind comments and faves on my recent entries, that's very encouraging to me

(5 years and 1542 days ago)
avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Thanks for the congrats!

(5 years and 1548 days ago)