Create a Beautiful Purple Syringa from Scratch - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I will describe with detail how I have made my work called Syringa - lilac, using one source only. This tutorial will be for beginners very useful I hope and maybe even the more advanced users find it helpful. I have used photoshop CS5 but you can create this kind of images even when u use very early versions of photoshop. I will mention the shortkeys of the tools when there are any so you can get familiar with those too. I shall describe how to use move tool, lasso tool, warp, transform and free transform, type tool, burn and dodge, color adjustments, brightness/contrast and more.
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How To Make A Displacement Map - Photoshop tutorial

In this simple tutorial I will show you how to make a displacement map. I created this originally for a contest and because people asked how to do this, I created a tutorial for it.
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How To Tear Up a Picture - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I will show in photoshop how you can make a picture appear as if it was teared up and laying in the sand... I used a picture with a romantic mood to make the effect extra dramatic... The title of the image is "The day after"...
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How To Make Puss in Boots - Photoshop tutorial

Ever saw those photoshopped pics with animals that made the animal look like it got hit by a grassmower? Many times did I see this kind of "animal abuse" and I wanted to do something about it. In this tutorial I will describe very detailed how to re-draw the fur on animals you have masked or cut out and chopped. This tutorial also includes the use of quickmask, more uses for the “fur redraw trick”, a different way of making a shadow in grass, and many other tips and tricks!
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