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The Epic Wrestle - created by jawshoewhah

The Epic Wrestle
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Created in CS2. All sources have been mentioned. Please view in high resolution before voting.

I have made some major edits since I first entered. I think it looks much better now. (5 years and 2720 days ago)

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avatar sunnyyad
sunnyyad says:


avatar DigitalDreamer

very original

author [banned] says:

I am thinking that something is missing. Any constructive criticism is welcome but suggest some techniques so I know what to do.

avatar shivthink
shivthink says:

nice thought.. that hand of water could have been better

author [banned] says:

Shivthink: that's not contructive criticism and I disagree.

no avatar
maXed says:

Maybe some water splash around the water arm?

author [banned] says:

That's what I was thinking as well. I was thinking maybe some fire around teh hand or even maybe some steam where the two meet. Thanks for the suggestion

no avatar
maXed says:

Yes author, that would improve it

avatar erathion
erathion says:

fire against the

author [banned] says:

Edits made.

avatar animmax
animmax says:

Maybe some more water source images or bubbles etc overlayed on the arm with added transparency? Just for a bit more depth? Steam?? Keep at it..

no avatar
maXed says:

i think you should add some more water around the arms and not just in front n

author [banned] says:

Actually, I've given up on this entry. I've already been outdone. Vote now I'm not making anymore edits.

no avatar
maXed says:

you should. i like this better than ur copycat

author [banned] says:

Thanks MaXed but I don't think they copied it. I originally got teh idea from a drawing of nature and time arm wrestling, but I appreciate taht . Thanks. At least it took the top 8 slot.

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