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Wondering Thoughts - created by CrAzYChelie

Wondering Thoughts
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Seemingly content with her life, she is often seen looking off into the distance. Lost in thought about recent rumors floating around the village that there is more to the world than just the forest...she wonders if she will ever be able to find out for herself... (5 years and 2697 days ago)

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avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:

Superb, excellent entry

author says:


avatar Drivenslush

check links author.. I think you made a boo boo (anon issue) please double check.. (GREAT JOB)

You got it!!! looks good now... (newbie.. giggle snort)

author says:

OMG!! Thank you SOOO much for pointing that out!! I think i fixed it!!

avatar Neleous
Neleous says:

wow! this is incredible! love this so much! well done!

avatar Disco
Disco says:

This is absolutely wonderful

author says:

Thank u so much for your awesome comments!!! xD

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

wonderful image..........

avatar jaskier
jaskier says:


avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:


avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Wow! You got mad skills! Nice imagination! GL!

avatar artgirl1935

Lovely work;

avatar oana
oana says:

congrats, Chelie!

avatar cabldawg71

congrats loon nice comeback place

avatar annabat
annabat [banned] says:

Yay, my girl is back in the game!

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Immersed in my Thoughts - created by ponti55

Immersed in my Thoughts
Favs: 2SBS: 10Hi-resRank: 4/26Score: 59.7% (24)8778 views

Special thanks to Missy, for helping me get acquainted with Vue. I followed a bunch of tutorials from to create this.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the reflection, i don't know WHAT i was thinking when i rotated it instead of flipped it :-S.
Ahh well, it's FIXED.. and even better - MY COMPUTER TURNS ON! Huzzah!
For more information check out my step by step guide! (5 years and 2967 days ago)

avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

This is a fabulous image! Love the mood and contents. VERY nice.

no avatar
eleni says:

Id say add some ripples to the shadow of the lady as you have done for the tree. Also make less strong her shadow. The tree is a much dominant element in the picture and see how little its reflection is. Other than that, a very nice entry! good luck

avatar fille
fille says:

the water is too calm for this kind of reflections-error with isle, and why is reflection of lady in wrong way (face to left, not to right)? very good mood! cheers!

avatar madamemonty

Nice job, but it appears that her reflection is facing backwards

avatar Happy14U
Happy14U says:


avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Looks really nice, seems vue is a good program well done.

author says:

Thanks guys! My main computer seems to have crashed and won't turn on, and unfortunately that's where i have my .psd file . I'll get to fixing the reflection as soon as i have the chance, but that doesn't seem likely at the moment

avatar thomasms
thomasms says:

Awesome image. Very artistic.

avatar BlueSparkle

Although this is a great image and you put a lot of effort in it, I think you didn't use enough of the source image... I love the moon in the background... good luck.

avatar thefinalcut

Great image. However, I agree with bluesparkle that theres not enough of the source in the image.

author says:

I think i used a major element of the source here, i don't think i could've used the rest anywhere else here in my entry. I'm sorry if you don't think it's enough, but using the main element of the image seemed like enough use of the source to me..

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

the water looks morel like glass. good job on this though!

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

Dat's a BIG MOON.. hehehe.. for how difficult that picture was to manipulate.. you did a wonderful job

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

What a lovely and peaceful image! The title fits just perfect! Good luck

author says:

Thanks everyone

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your fourth place, Matteo

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