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RED DRAGON!? - created by theovanua

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So this is my first submission on this site! I tried to give 'Red Dragon' a Vintage-Toy style (I LOVE VINTAGE EFFECTS!!) because I really like Vintage effects hehehe.

All of the effects, were created using photoshop by me (including the BG) with the exception of the old styled border, which I found from deviantart user 'freak76' (I've linked it as Source 1), thanks for the border freak! Oh and the font is 'Wide Latin' and was already on my PC... Enjoy!!

Some techniques I used consisted of multiple adjustment layers and was achieved mainly by trial and error, though the image looks fairly easy it took quite a long time to get it right (for me anyway). To add an overall old effect I added a lot of noise and blurs to give it an older effect. Also I was influenced mainly by Iceflowstudio's who have multiple great tutorials! (5 years and 2515 days ago)

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Keiley22 says:

For a first entry, ok... however I would use the whole week to make an image for these contests. This is a very talented site and filter works don't seem to get very far in a contest... but that is something we ALL learn in the beginning

Goodluck author, you will get alot of help don't worry

author says:

Thanks for the advice

Howdie stranger!
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