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You Think This is Staged? - created by pearlie

You Think This is Staged?
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avatar Drivenslush


avatar elemare
elemare says:

This is beautifully done, author. The dial is amazing work.

(And not what I thought it was at all, LOL. With the USA election results still fresh in my mind, when I first saw this at a distance, it REALLY looked like President Obama and a dispenser of birth control pills. But that's not a movie - that's reality.)

Great job and good luck!

author says:

LOL - I can see that, too, now that you mention it - a very complex timing device then! Thank you.

(5 years and 1447 days ago)

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Great work on that "apparatus," this looks great in high res. lol @elemare's comment....birth control pills would be too late.

author says:

They would indeed - this species multiplies very quickly, and there's no stopping them.

(5 years and 1447 days ago)

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