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Smoke-Show - created by IRONCOW

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All source image. hope ya all like it. :)

Used one brush, from this set. (5 years and 3128 days ago)

avatar nishagandhi


avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

this is really a fun piece... I love the use of motion .. just wonderful

avatar gopankarichal

After a long time I am seeing an entry like this in PXLEyes. Just Superb author!! GL

avatar Tuckinator

rellly like the image

avatar TheWinningStar

excellent job author very good use of the source image .. GL

no avatar

Magnific work Author.......Just Wow!!!.......Good Luck.

avatar magicsteve

This is an excellent piece of artwork. Scales never looked this good. Might want to add some more explosions in background to truly create a sense of battle but that is just personal taste and will not affect your score. I LOVE this entry!

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

I really, really like this, but the fire looks very flat and it looks very painted on. Either way i'm giving this high marks because this is really fantastic, i just wanted to mention that. Good luck!

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Ooh yeah...really like this one! Perhaps intensify the color of fire!

no avatar
Gilert says:

Wow. Blew me away.

avatar Andershegelund

This make me want to never make any photoshop stuff anymore lol. In the good way!

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Really good stuff here...I'd give him a better head, but nice job.

avatar akasha
akasha says:


avatar ReapRevenge
ReapRevenge [banned] says:

Creative and original work

avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Très bien! And reminds me I still have to see THX-1138...Good luck!

author says:

Thanks for all the comments guys. I made a few changes to the flames from the wepon, hope it looks better. Also posted the link for the brush. Wazowski THX 1138 might put ya to sleep LOL apart from a small car chase its really slow. Kinda cool is if you look at John Milner's license plate in American Graffiti it's THX 138.

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Amazing should get into robotics Good Luck

avatar Siminho90
Siminho90 says:


avatar Sander
Sander says:

Really nice. But you could do better on the bg(planets) next time.

avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

lvoe it.......background needs more depth but, all in all, I think it's very creative!

avatar fille
fille says:

i think that body details need reflection of cosmos... and cosmos is really bad! great work!

avatar inanis
inanis says:


avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Congrats! Well done!

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 1st

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your first place!

avatar madamemonty

Congrats, awesome work

avatar Giallo
Giallo says:

it's great to see you back active here crazy man

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:


avatar devangel
devangel says:

Congrats for 1st

avatar nishagandhi


avatar CorneliaMladenova


avatar Nellista
Nellista says:

Congrats for an amazing job!

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:


avatar chakra1985


author says:

Thanks for all the Great feed back guys, good to be back chopping. Glad the site is up and running again.

avatar SOLARIS


avatar RAZ0R
RAZ0R [banned] says:

congrats!!! very nice work here

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