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Ringworld - created by dante

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Look what we found !!!!
Nasa Images are public domain (5 years and 3068 days ago)

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avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

well what did they found??!! cmon et phone home and tell us!!!!!

author says:


avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

I'm sure it means something to someone, but i really don;t understand what's going on! Good luck though

author says:

Should I lose the foreground man? Hmmm

avatar arkncheeze

Blur the foreground and sharpen the Halo planet... Will be clear than... Also If you can, use soft focus creatively to put more focus on that ring planet, just don't overdo it... Maybe add lights to the ring or perhaps not... Just a suggestion...

Edit: You can also tilt that apparatus in the top right corner of the image a few 10 degree upwards and pull it back a bit...

Also move the spaceman to the left and flip him horizontally if you want coz if you flip him you may have to adjust his lightning I guess...

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That is sooooo nice!

Howdie stranger!
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