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She Waits ... revisted - created by arca

She Waits ... revisted
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This one was done for the Ice People contest. I always felt I could improve on it. It is great to have the opportunity to do something although the changes are subtle I think it is improved???

Thanks to bgraphic at for the Glacier Tunnel
And to Marcus Ranum for my Ice Goddess and Priestess ( (5 years and 1496 days ago)

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avatar k5683
k5683 says:

I think it would look even more awesome if you put some very subtle cracks and also have some light reflecting on the ice to make it look real.

author says:

Thanks K5683, I have added some crack and highlights. Kept it minimal but I think it improves a bit more. There were some cracks in the image already but they weren't too noticeable in the original Hi Res I uploaded a larger one.

avatar minnie
minnie says:

Maybe I'm wrong but I think that there should be more reflexions of the torch (don't know why but my first impresion is that they are mising). Maybe in the ice wall behind the guy...
Anyway it's a great image!!

author says:

Thanks minnie ... I had some light in the ice behind the Priestess but it wasn't very strong so I strengthened it ... your feedback is appreciated!

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

much better

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Nice composition. I would almost think a nice darkening soft vignette around the whole image would look nice too.

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

wonderful image

author says:

@pixelkid ... thank you so much for the suggestion. I am camping right now so very limited internet and no PS so wasn't able to try the change you suggested ... I will give it a whirl when I get home ... thanks again!

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