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Always look before opening - created by CMYK46

Always look before opening
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You just never know where they can hide...
Thanks to antihumanstock at DA for the umbrella girl. (5 years and 1000 days ago)

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pshoudini says:

nice simple and i like the picture sepia tones...i'm not that certain about the spider though, it seems as if its position takes away the prespective of the umbrella. i think it may be the shadow cast on the inner part of the ubrella. looks like the umbrella is inside out

author says:

It's a parasol. They are much flatter than umbrellas. Check the shallow angle of the ribs, and also the shadow of the support strut.

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Color is great! I love the expression of the gal...everything is so mundane and ho hum...the inevitable is about to happen! I love images that depict something before it actually does! Nice work, author!

Howdie stranger!
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