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Comfortably Numb - created by ponti55

Comfortably Numb
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Thanks to jademacalla
(5 years and 2308 days ago)

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avatar gornats
gornats says:

i love this song , so you get extra points
and it is a great entry

author says:

Haha, i had the song on constant repeat while making this

avatar Drivenslush

I know it's probably not suppose to be funny.. but this image really cracks me up... sorta like what all the Goths used to do in art class in the 80's... LOL.. if I saw one more Bovine horn skull I would have ran amok... very lovely image.. (May want to rethink the definition of the suit.. yes it is black.. but if you make a ghost version of it.. (with all the lines and detail.. then melt it back into the image) .. you may be surprised.. but that's just me.. I'm a monster for detail.... LOL

awesome image, awesome work, and very well done.. mood is lovely.. good luck

Edit: Fondue? Patsy checks her face... (out take from Ab Fab...) LOL..

author says:

I'm really liking the whole ghost suit idea Slushie, i'm going to give that try Thanks for the comment.

avatar Drivenslush

WOW, on the edit... changes the whole feel of the image.. the ghost suit is AWESOME!!!!

no avatar
Keiley22 says:

trippy........... seriously, that's all i've got lol

awsome !!!!...... there we go, I found another word lol

avatar erathion
erathion says:

interesting concept and cool author

avatar ramesan
ramesan says:


Howdie stranger!
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Comfortably Numb - created by telmafrancione

Comfortably Numb
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Model: my source (at SBS)

Thanks to:
Falln-Brushes (5 years and 2516 days ago)

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avatar woodztockr

Very nice author.... sometimes I wish I was always comfortably numb!

I truly love the use of color with gray.... great job!

author says:

Thank you, woodztockr for the comment!
I am glad you liked the color with the gray.

author says:

Nator, it is always a pleasure to read your comments!
Thank you!

avatar erathion
erathion says:

Super cool creation author...i like how hair fits with smoke and how hand want to grab the body...well done

avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I know who stole my song lol, excellent creation, although you had the advantage of having a beautiful model as your source

author says:

Thanks Erathion!

yeah Geex!!! huahuahuahuhau

Kisses for both!

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