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Mojo Nixon: Burn down the malls - created by CMYK46

Mojo Nixon: Burn down the malls
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Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls
Burn down the shoppin' malls
I said Burn down the malls
said burn down the shoppin' malls
burna burna burna burna
down shoppin' maaalls
Hey you ever get the feelin
that America is turning into
some kinda
lowest common denominator
shopping mall marketing strategy from hell?
You ever get that feeling?
Well I got that feeling right now
and it's kinda getting under my skin
so get some gas-o-line
Burn down the malls SAY IT
Burn down the malls LOUDER
Burn down the malls
You know it just started out as
a kind of corner store
Then it turned into a shopping center
Oh I remember the shoppin'
center openings man
they used to have those big
lights shinin' up
but now...
Now, where do the old folks go?
Where do the young kids go?
What's America, what's
America turning into?
I say
Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls (5 years and 1418 days ago)

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avatar dustfinger

That's a strange shadow for a fire... but the message is clear.

Howdie stranger!
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