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I just want a muffin - created by jordyponce

I just want a muffin
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(5 years and 1074 days ago)

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avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

love the chop but its not rly cut in half o.o;

author says:

Hi Eladine well the contest says : "Show something as if it was cut in half or is opening up"
in this case its an open belly showing a baby inside coming out for some delicious treat.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

What's been cut in half here? It's just a hole.

avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

id come out too for that if i was that baby the description wasnt rly clear on that for me.. I dont mind though i like your chop its so cute

author says:

Thanks Eladine for the compliment..
i think its a must a tiny fix on this working on it..
thanks again.

author says:

Made a rectangle skin to make the illusion of a cut belly..i think this is gonna help..

avatar Robart523
Robart523 says:

Yes its not cut in half, but technically it is "opening up" in some way. So, I guess I'd say it counts. Why stunt someone's creativity/ have an entry removed from a contest with so few entries to begin with? Its not EXACTLY what the contest was for, but I don't think is far enough away from that to matter. Nice chop either way GL

author says:

Hi Robart523 thanks!
and yes i think this entry is going to be removed
i hope not!!,i tried to come close to the contest rules
but the mods certanly know what to do..
i had a blast doing this matter what.

avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

nah i think it will stay its opening up allright i dunno though

avatar Drivenslush

this is just twisted silly.. god i love that! good luck

no avatar
JerseyAce says:

Yeah it does kind of fall between the lines of the contest but nice piece regardless.

avatar orientallad

how cute, love it, high score, good luck

avatar dlanswayne

Fabulous man...

avatar orientallad

Congratulations for 3rd place

avatar Drivenslush

Big Congrats

Howdie stranger!
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