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Hitlers MouStache - created by dannifood4less

Hitlers MouStache
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avatar gornats
gornats says:

you need to blend more the face.

i really don't like the suggestion of a svastica in the bkgd !!!

author says:

I hope to work on this more tonight, thank you all for your votes so far.

This entry was made on a mac book, in Photoshop CS5 and I felt very confused using Photoshop on a mac, Im back at home now and have a bit of time to play with this on my desktop.

As for the Swastika, I do not condone or support the ideas and beliefs of the Nazis, it was simply an idea.

author says:

I just got home and back on my good ol' windows based photoshop. I worked on the image a bit more, however I never saved my final .PSD file and had to do my final touches with the finished .jpg and an old save .psd (around step 4 on my SBS)

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

Welcome to pxleyes! I'm kinda confused about what your trying to achieve with this photo. Is it supposed to be a statue of hitler? If so why hide the swastika right behind him. You could've used any other background in that case.

author says:

Its supposed to be a Photoshop of the HMS statue. :p

Why use a swastika in the background? With Hitler as the main subject for the Photoshop, the mere insinuation of a swastika in the background holds alot of power, even if its not visible. Also, it makes better sense in my mind to used something that matches the theme i was photoshopping this into.

avatar sgc
sgc says:

Good job with the shadows, funny idea. The source works well with the original.

author says:

Thank you sgc! It was not easy to match that shadow, since the image I used had the shadow going the wrong direction! also that stone texture was difficult to create, especially at full resolution.

author says:

Here are the correct links to the source images used:,_Adolf_Hitler_retouched.jpg

Mods, sorry for the confusion in reguards to this.

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