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Mongolian Death Worm - created by AWildDunsparce

Mongolian Death Worm
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"The [Mongolian death] worm is said to inhabit the western or southern Gobi. In the 1987 book Altajn Tsaadakh Govd, Ivan Mackerle described it as travelling underground, creating waves of sand on the surface which allow it to be detected. The Mongolians say it can kill at a distance, either by spraying a venom at its prey or by means of electric discharge.They say that the worm lives underground, hibernating most of the year except for June and July, when it becomes active. It is also reported that it most often comes to the surface when it rains and the ground is wet." - wikipedia (3 years and 6 days ago)

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CMYK46 says:

Source 3 is a wallpaper.
Wallpapers are not useable sources. They are mostly copyrighted images, and not offered under Creative Commons licensing.
Please read

author says:

I'm still rather new to photoshop contests, but I have read the guidelines and reread them a couple times after noticing your comment and have yet to find anything about wallpapers specifically. However, I do realize I found the image on a rather risky website so I do understand if I am disqualified and will try to stick to the more promising websites for future contests. Thank you.

(3 years and 6 days ago)

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CMYK46 says:

Author, you're absolutely right, the rule about wallpapers seems to have disappeared from the guidelines. Still, we have to use sources from sites that offer images under creative commons, which wallpaper sites do not. You still have time to find a useable image and resubmit. If you do, work on the lighting & shadows.

author says:

Just resubmitted using better images and improved my lighting and shadows. Thanks for the advice, it means a lot.

(3 years and 5 days ago)

Moderator says:

Since all sources must be shown including usage terms and/or license information it is understood that sites such as wallpaper sites, blogs, catalog sites, image hosting sites etc. are not acceptable because they do not show the required information or they display copyright info regarding their content.

(3 years and 3 days ago)

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