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Maximum remedium est irae mora - created by Drivenslush

Maximum remedium est irae mora
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Seneca Quote

The best remedy for anger is delay. -Seneca (5 years and 2084 days ago)

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Tosimos says:

the legs and angle of body make the monk look extremely twisted...? i dunno a lil weird imo

author says:

kind of the whole point of the image (wasn't really going for any kind of reality)

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monk is way to tall! Feet are to fat! His head does not appear to be real!

author says:

that's the whole idea LIONSDEN

I doubled the leg size, I found a stoic head to replace the original (carved in stone) and found a background that resembled a temple, all to reflect the Seneca quote

Tosimos says:

The best remedy for anger is delay. -Seneca
i honestly dont get how a stone head and fat 'real' legs are Seneca to that definition.

(5 years and 2082 days ago)

author says:

When a child is born different/odd or the worse, unloved, they often turn Stoic. They realize at an early age that no matter how they cry or how they strike out there will be no better outcome. They learn to go Stoic. They learn that their anger is useless against the unfairness and the only thing that helps them is to just detach and delay. I created a creature that is the polar opposite of a super hero.

His spine is malformed, his head has turned to stone, and I gave him great big feet for added conflict. I know it could have been a shapely girl nicked from deviant art with hairdryer hair, and weapons from another galaxy with a monk robe thrown on her for the contest but that really isn't my style. Besides we have enough WOW characters not to create more.

Thank you for calling it a lil weird, I took that as a compliment (though I was going for a lotta weird) sort of like dada movement or the movie "Society" without the gruesomeness.

(5 years and 2082 days ago)

avatar tnaylor21286

This is so weird that it's good. Strangely interesting! Good luck author.

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

With the explanation that you give, I agree with Terry, somehow sadly true. Another good one, author.

Howdie stranger!
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Maximum overdrive - created by krigios

Maximum overdrive
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Drawn in photoshop (5 years and 3057 days ago)

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avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Ouch! I see my mouse with other eyes now... Very good drawing job and an even more funny idea! I think I'm going to pet my computer at least one time a day from now on Good luck!

avatar Maja12
Maja12 says:

Brilliantly done!

avatar jaskier
jaskier says:

Very good.

avatar nehayash
nehayash says:

awesum!..really unique

avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Very good idea and result!

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

awesome job

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 2nd

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your second place!

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Again Bravo!OOOO!OOO!OO!O! Congrats!!!!

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author says:

Thank you eveyone!

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Derivatix says:


Howdie stranger!
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