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Magrathea Slartibartfast Desk - created by GolemAura

Magrathea Slartibartfast Desk
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(True Title is suppose to be... Planet Choices from the Desk of Slartibartfast) but there wasn't enough room in the title bar)

From the FAKE site:

The catalog includes:

* Planets made of gold
* Planets made of platinum
* Planets made of fish
* Planets made of rubber "with lots of earthquakes"
* Planets on which naked women drop out of the sky on parachutes
* Planets covered in springtime meadows
* Planets covered in scenes straight out of horror movies
* Planets resembling your mom
* Planets where two lefts do make a right
* Planets where people actually like the Jonas Brothers.

Though some think that last one's a bit far fetched.
Since making a planet is astronomically expensive, and no one has been rich enough to buy one since the Great Galactic Market Crash, the amount of money you can expect to pay for one is more than you or anyone else will ever make in your pathetic little human life. In other words, give up now. (5 years and 3065 days ago)

avatar visba
visba says:

I love the hitchhiker's guide; I live by some of its core principles; however, these planets don't really look real and neither do the background stars and sky. You should work on realism here because it would enhance this image.

author says:

visba, they aren't planets, they are models on the desk of Slartibartfast, (like a 3d catalog) ... (like super futuristic paper weights) besides.. they're made from foil wrapped cookies

no avatar

Wha...? Most of these planets don't look real. I love this image.

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Haha.. Jonas Brothers xD Great job, and some very smart decisions!

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