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A Day at the Toidy with Krispies and Coco - created by Drivenslush

A Day at the Toidy with Krispies and Coco
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(5 years and 1307 days ago)

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avatar IRONCOW

Great image it makes you want to look closer at it kinda pulls ya in. Shadows are all over the place. The fish in the tub and the bird at the right seem to have light from the viewpoint, yet the rice crispy square looking thing in the middle has it from the top back right. then the vulture at the top left has it coming from the right to the left and up. Shadows on a image should be done last and all from the same point.

author says:

Thanks! (I made it with the light located directly in the center of the room (like a walk in bathroom) so I thought the light would cast in all directions from the center) that's how I see it anyway, Thank you for your suggestion (it's a bit surreal anyway)

PST... great to see you back

(5 years and 1307 days ago)

avatar kcinsti
kcinsti says:

interesting usage

Howdie stranger!
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