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Koala Nanny - created by tinasedits

Koala Nanny
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Just like the dog from Peter Pan, this family has a Nanny Koala to look after the baby. (5 years and 1621 days ago)

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avatar JannaR
JannaR says:

Wow! VERY realistic! Just one thing though..... see the shadow his 'hand' is casting on the horizontal rail, and his cheek and ear on the corner post?...To my eye, they should be a bit more clear and defined. See how the slats cast shadows on the bumper pad and mattress? Because the koala is in direct line between the window & the crib, his shadow should be a gradient blur....just like the shadows on the bedding. The further down, the softer the shadow. The shadowing from his arm down is great. It's just his hand and cheek/ear.

avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Pretty nice masking. One thing about the boy, is it possible to make is superlight hair a bit less bright? Now it looks a bit too much like there's a huge light pointed on him from the right, while the rest of the room only gets light from the window. Good luck!

author says:

Thanks for the feedback JannaR and wazowski. I will fix the shadow and the hair. In the source the top of the little boys head is cut off, so I had to clone stamp and paint it in and was just trying to match the color.

avatar Drivenslush

giggle snort... very cute

avatar JannaR
JannaR says:

That's the ticket! Shadow much better!

avatar George55
George55 says:

Thatis really cute.... Koalas nannies....mmmmhhh, good luck!

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