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Hundred Acre Wood - created by sjsmiuk

Hundred Acre Wood
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Masked Winnie and Flower, used clone, smudge and cut to add in the missing pieces...
Thanks to suepiozet and josterix at for images and for bee tut and planet photoshop for balloon tut. Flower stalks made with photoshop preset brush (5 years and 3084 days ago)

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...Pooh, too, was caught and so he thought "I must rescue my supper." Ten honey pots he rescued, enough to see him through, but as he sopped up his supper, the river sopped up Pooh.---The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down from Winnie the Pooh and the Bluster Day. A favorite childhood memory. High points for reminding me of that.

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ponti55 says:

I live near to where Winnie the Pooh was created, and i walked through the forest that gave Milne the inspiration to write it... great image, good luck!

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k5683 says:

Even though the winnie stuff doesn't "fit" in this picture, it all seems to come together so cute!

Howdie stranger!
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