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Graham Bell about to take a selfie - created by Bushra

Graham Bell about to take a selfie
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Truly wish he was here to see how phones have evolved! (2 years and 343 days ago)

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avatar thefinalcut

Love the concept.. I saw that little string thing and immediately thought of earbuds... Where is the source link for the arm?? The bits on the fingers that aren't de-saturated are distracting from the image.

avatar wedoo2
wedoo2 says:

I agree with thefinalcut. The fingers kind of look like they are bloody and the selection on the top and left side of the phone is a bit jagged. Maybe work on it a bit more cause you have a good idea here.

Moderator says:

Author I can see the arm is part of source 2. Please add the source for the background.

author says:

The background has no source. I made ap olka-dotted pattern, motion blurred it sideways. Then I copy pasted a portion of the phone to get its green tone, and applied a mask on both of those layers.

(2 years and 339 days ago)

Moderator says:

That's fine author, just remember always to explain how you created something either by writing it in your description or adding an SBS showing how it was created. I can accept your written explanation this time but usually when the information is this involved an SBS is the best way to show how you created your image.

(2 years and 339 days ago)

avatar spaceranger

The mask work isn't very clean, the background overlaps the hair, face and ear. The other edges are blurry and indistinct. It looks like you put the background over the image of Bell and erased to reveal the figure. You should have silhouetted the figure and placed the background behind him.

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