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The True Girl on Fire - created by TheShepherdFromNorth

The True Girl on Fire
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After browsing around on internet I found a very beautifully stock-photo-portrait on a site, after that the curious eye of mine had checked the other internet-site-users, how they had used the portrait, their results and further on I was greeted by a big disappointment, instead of embellished the image they had rather done the opposite, ruined it. I felt that the portrait and the woman in the picture was "worth" so much more and therefore I determined that I would give the image a try and here is the result! Enjoy!

The image and its beautiful colors is easily created by repeated and different kinds of blending mode. No big deal really.
(5 years and 442 days ago)

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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

No comments yet? Hmmm...this is a well made image except IMHO for the composition. GL author.

author says:

Well apparently not! Thank you very much but what does the abbreviation IMHO stands for? I chose to use the pretty-thirds rule, which is a very successful composition within modern photography and design that makes the screen appear to be very stylish. Was that some kind of answer to your comment I didn't really understood?

(5 years and 437 days ago)

avatar RickLaMesa

IMHO means"in my honest opinion"

Howdie stranger!
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