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Mickey vs Goofy - created by LIONSDEN

Mickey vs Goofy
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(5 years and 174 days ago)

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Goofy Zombie - created by Drivenslush

Goofy Zombie
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(5 years and 724 days ago)

avatar DanLundberg

Convincingly disturbing and quirky. I do find all the background stuff distracting and thus non-Dragan, however.

author says:

maybe it could be my interpretation... you know the whole need not to go grunge and make it my own... don't let it consume you Dan.. some people actually like to enjoy their own vision... the commercial acceptance doesn't mean crap

avatar Titan85
Titan85 says:

Ultimately the goal of the competition is to "Create your best Dragan effect". I agree with Dan and I think he has a valid point. Your zombie is a darn good Dragan, but the background needs to go, its adding nothing and it is distracting. After looking at the zombie i look to the background for more or to see if there is story being told there. Because there is not, it has taken from your focus. Also, it seems like you have some sarcasm in your reply to Dan Author. If someone comments on the image like he did, assume the best intentions and actually consider what the person bothered to write.

author says:

I'm sorry Titan, you lost me on "Create your best Dragan effect" then you proceeded to tell me to make it mediocre so your mind can accept it. (so it looks like everybody else"s work) (I'm not one to slam a texture background just for the amusement of the masses, I have my own soul and the Emo Moody effects aren't my thing..... dried cracked desert ground is kind of overkill, I mean really, does anybody wake up with smudged crap on their walls.. yes it's cool but it's been done before)

When people with actual work in their portfolio comment on my pieces I respond very positively... because I understand where they are coming from.. I respond and correct.. when someone's only claim to fame is replacing a squirrel's head with a cobra's head I am a bit vehklempt...(cute website by the way, but cute is about it)

but when you say "BACKGROUND NEEDS TO GO" that just makes me assume you know what you are talking about... then I look at your work and say WTF. (making comments you can't back up is a real annoyance)

Sorry, I've been through your work.. and I really would like to take you at your worth.. and your comments are basically worthless because you automatically assume you are correct...

and as to your portfolio there is nothing there that I can justify your comments... you just don't have the authority, when you get better at what you do, I'll be happy to respond.. but your self proclaimed authority on my work is extremely annoying,,, and basically causes a tickle in the back of my throat that makes me want to hurl

I'm sorry I'm sarcastic, but I actually think that people who comment with such self proclaimed intelligence need to back it up with work.. but that's just me... my mechanic has a perfect running Caddy, I trust him when he changes the oil in my car... when people like you and Dan comment on my work.. I have a tendency to check out what you have done as actual work before accepting your opinion.. but again.. that's just me..

Please don't be offended, but I've been around the block (I've had similar conversations with John Kiraly, but then again, he's a living master) so he's got lots to back up his comments with

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Very well done Dragan effect, including the added parts, and well said. Touche, author!
Back off until you can back it up, people.

avatar captgeo
captgeo says:

I have to go with the author on this one. I think this is a great interpretation of the effect with some "fun" added in. the background (to me) doesn't distract at all. The subject (zombie) is bright enough to keep my eye on it. If anything... the person to the left makes me wonder if he is a zombie too.

Well done Author!

avatar locksmagic

Hello there

I don't usually comment on this side of pxleyes because I'm a photographer, but since this is actually more of a photo subject than a PS subject and because I have quite a bit of experience with this style I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in...

First of all Author let me say that you have done an excellent job of this effect when it comes to how the guy looks, you have harnessed the Dragan feel without going overboard. The tonality is spot on and I applaud the addition of the zombie features, good job of adding your own twist to an increasingly overdone process.

That being said I feel that Dan and titan are correct about the background. Going back to my first semester of photography school... The #1 rule of photography is composition; the arrangement of the subject of the photo, in contrast to it's surroundings. When using this rule you have to ask yourself, does the negative space (Background) accentuate the positive space (Subject)? In this case i would have to say no it does not. An over sharpened stuffed animal machine, and half of a non-zombie do not accentuate the zombie man.

Now I completely understand what you mean about overused emo moody effects or even cookie cutter backgrounds, they are boring and if you don't want to use them than certainly don't. Do however pick something that adds to the subject at least. You have liberties here to do whatever you want to the background that I wish we had on the photo side. You could make your own background, something that fits a zombie theme or modify the background that is already here. i.e. show more of the background, zombify the other guy as well, and make the stuffed animal machine look broken down or smashed up.

As it stands now the first thing I saw were the brains and then my eye went immediately to the other guy because he is distracting. What you have here is the equivalent of a mediocre snap shot that has been heavily edited. That being said you have done an amazing job of editing it, so my question to you is why not go the extra step and fix the distracting background as has been suggested and turn an o.k. entry into an amazing one?

Now I'm not a "living master" but I do have a decent grasp of photography (after $25,000 in student loans, and owing my own company I'd better lol) and I have an ok portfolio on here, so I hope that you and others deem me worthy enough to give some constructive criticism. Please don't be offended by anything I've said I'm merely trying to help. After all you did put the challenge out there

Whether you decide to take my advice or not, good luck in this contest

author says:

Thank you very much Locksmagic, your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is GREATLY appreciated and understood, and your delivery is as awesome as your suggestion.

While I know I could put any picture into the back ground, I purposely enhanced the three images to take away from the absolute grizzliness of the fried chicken flesh... if you draw a line between the 3 images they form a triangle around the face image, (I cropped it that way) and as you can tell the image was taken candidly, I do believe the eyes and the rotted face scars are powerful to hold their own against three images in background.

avatar basem11361

nicely done ,GL Author

no avatar

Wow, author. You sure do come across a jerk. If you're that confident in your own work you shouldn't attack other people's portfolios. Locksmagic, Dan and Titan said similar things, but because you like Locksmagic's portfolio his criticism is more constructive? Your subject is excellent. But your background is distracting, no matter who points it out.

no avatar

Author!!! I am so surprised to see who you are!?????? This isn't you!!!

avatar Titan85
Titan85 says:

I have not "been around the block" as you say you have Author, My name is Tim Salvage, I'm 25 years old and i work for a utility company...I have had about 2 classes that involved photoshop and if that shows in my portfolio on my "cute" website then all the more reason for me to be on a website like this so i can practice, get feedback and get better.

When I came onto your entry yesterday I really liked it, but something was bothering me about it, when i saw Dan's comment it rang the bell and what he had noticed and commented on was exactly what I was seeing the same thing.

Then you come back with another reply that fires up the whole dang website. My first comment I didn't spend much time writing it out like locksmagic, but this time i will. In your rude, demeaning and non constructive reply you said something that is contradictory to your attitude. In your reply you said "…I have my own soul and the Emo Moody effects aren't my thing". Granted you were not talking about demeanor but you are being just that. Maybe your having a bad week or maybe you need a hug. Either way you are not being nice or at least not to me.

My comment had no hidden undertones, i was not being facetious, it was 100% my opinion, which i believe pearlie does not need to be backed up at all, because its an opinion. To be taken as however you want. If you didn't like it too bad, this is a competition and people have the ability to comment on your work. Matter of fact i wish people would comment on mine more. I enter into a competition and get nothing constructive from it other than a percentage. You went to my website (thanks for the hit) and reviewed my work, but out of everything you said, none was constructive. You didn't tell me what was wrong or how i could make it better.

You may be a senior member here and have tons of followers or friends. I have been a member for like 3 weeks. I am thoroughly enjoying it and you are not going to run me outta here by tearing down my website, my work, my intelligence or my creativity. Also, when this competition is over and we all find out who you are, I will not retaliate or be mean to you by researching your work and belittling you, because I am respectful. In my home that is looked at as a good quality.

P.S. Ill keep putting cobra heads on squirrel bodies for as long as it makes me smile.

avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:

NOw dats grosss!! hehehehehe

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Goofy Girl - created by ReapRevenge

Goofy Girl
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My little girl askedme " Can you do one of those photo mixing thingy's"
So here it is just for her (5 years and 1403 days ago)

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

This is just kinda.. freaky xD But it's very nice work, the blending is great. Good job!

avatar Tuckinator

i ike it ok

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

a smooch for each freckle... butterfly kisses will do LOL

avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

The right eye is not well blent, i can see the difference from it's ton and the doll's ton.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

LOL...looks like Mason Williams!

avatar OliviasArts

i hate dolls that look so real... gives me the shivers lol... nice work author

avatar jra
jra says:

Very funny, good blending

avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

nice work on the eyes

avatar mariosilva

nice and funny job , good luck

avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

great it

avatar chakra1985

very nice

avatar vinshine
vinshine says:

funny!! nice job

avatar oana
oana says:

congrats Reap!

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