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Water Bomb - created by gireeshvengara

Water Bomb
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Plastic Bomb (2 years and 160 days ago)

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author says:

Plastic Bomb.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Good image. SBS showing the work always gets a higher vote from me.

author says:

Tnx, i dont know how to edit entry caption instead of Entry number 106040

(2 years and 159 days ago)

avatar BWR
BWR says:

"Tnx, i dont know how to edit entry caption instead of Entry number 106040"

Go to "My Contest Entries"

Hover over "Entry number 106040" and it should put a yellow background on those words. Then left click on "Entry number 106040" and type in your new title.

I like the entry but I think the curvature on the top part of the blue strip is too much and to me it messes up the perspective. The bottom part of the stripe is fine, but I think the top part is too curved and should line up with the bottom part of the stripe. Of course that's my interpretation.

avatar skyangel
skyangel says:

A very nice warp of the bottle and a good zoom effect on the tail. I just wonder what will explode out of it when it lands? Is it a huge water bomb to water the ground or some poisionous gas to kill everyone?

author says:

Thank you Angel

(2 years and 154 days ago)

Howdie stranger!
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