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Emparrace - created by siderismaris

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This is a surreal work..and I tried to show the bound between the "artist battle field"..which clearly is PS and the art piece itself...that's why I thought it would be nice to let the transparency texture on the background...I hope that now it makes sense.

credits and thanks: (5 years and 1812 days ago)

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avatar vinji
vinji says:

really cool !

avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:

awesome work author ! very well done hmm , just one thing , why is there a little cross on the upper right of her forehead ?

avatar gornats
gornats says:

looks like SBS step

avatar jaescoe21
jaescoe21 says:

pretty cool idea, a few suggestions: give it a different background like clouds or something, try blending the parrot a little more with the other parrot, try to erase that cross in the forehead, and thats about it. gl

avatar erathion
erathion says:

great different of luck author

avatar Christy
Christy says:

I really love this image! Very creative use of the source...I would have liked to see the rose also blend into her face a little...maybe a petal coming off or something...Just a suggestion and Good Luck =)

avatar kakarot
kakarot says:

Good job!

avatar sophia
sophia says:

awesome work

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

Very beautiful entry, I love it!! a fav for sure..GL

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your second place, Maria!

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 2nd

avatar sophia
sophia says:


avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:


author says:

thanks. have a nice week!

avatar langstrum
langstrum says:


avatar hereisanoop


avatar spaceranger


avatar chakra1985


Howdie stranger!
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