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Dredin - created by itsdesign

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avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

Very nice choices -- think the transition between the thumb and the handle of the mask needs a touch up -- appears the handle is going thru the thumb not under it -- bit of shadow from the thumb to the handle and maybe extend the handle to the gap between the thumb and finger

author says:

Thnx Alan

avatar Eladine
Eladine says:

This image kinda gives me an art nouveau impression

no avatar

yes , yes , yes!!! I love your sources, the dual colour balance on this image works well and although i think your model is more of the focus point for me than the mask you have used the main source creatively and in many places within your image.


avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Beautiful, love the colours GL

no avatar
stacer_b says:

I really love this, nicely done

avatar jordyponce

great image..good color fx

avatar riady
riady says:

Great colour choicesm great image sources and most importantly that the author blended them very well - thumbs up

avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

That's a great work, especially on using colors. There are somethings that might be helpful to you if you want to improve further: (1) The size of the mask is quite small compared to her face, you can use the distance between her eyes as the standard and enlarge the mask to fit it; (2) The saturation level of the mask is noticeably higher than the rest while the colors of the character are quite muted. If you use the blue filter for the mask, it would fit more to the image; (3) There are many black dots on the image, I don't know your purpose but they are quite distracting. Best work so far!!

author says:

Thanks guys for the wonderful comments @ Langstrum thnx for the tips, am ever learning, you made great observations...strangely i used the distance between d eyes to size the mask...the dots were our of my creativity..but all note taken..Thanks

avatar CorneliaMladenova


avatar lolu
lolu says:

Congrats !

avatar freejay
freejay says:

Well done...congrants

avatar madamemonty

Congrats, nicely done

avatar nishagandhi

hey congrats!

avatar rufkut
rufkut says:

Congrats itsdesign for first place.

author says:

Thanks guys for the vote and comments..much appreciated

avatar George55
George55 says:

Congrats for first.....!

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