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daddy and the diapers - created by Drivenslush

daddy and the diapers
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3 inch photo taken of my father two years after WWII holding my eldest sister.

My father would do the diapers in morning so my mom could sleep (he worked the night shift 4 to midnite

the lack of detail makes it very difficult to paint these tiny pictures but I used the soft light blender and it really helps a lot. The print version comes out quite well though I do prefer the video/monitor version much better because its easier to view and the illusion of detail is awesome (5 years and 2553 days ago)

avatar nishagandhi

lovely picture! and nice work

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very very nice work author...great colorization of course but i think that the best thing in this image is the feel of the old times...Picture is colored but the old days mood is there too...well done

avatar jadedink
jadedink says:

aww. what a nice thing to use to color ! it has alot of value sentimentally.
i think if i were you, i would have considered playing with the exposure of the original shot. the light is so bright it kinda blows out the detail of the baby, and makes the blanket/cap look odd because its such a dramatic change in color from the over exposed area to the shadowed area.

and something else, for future thought, perhaps you could look into tutorials on photo restoration,take out some of the age and wear spots on the photo, yet keep the old time feel and nostalgia. GOOD LUCK!

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Sweet! Now I know where you get your good looks.

Howdie stranger!
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