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Delusional Beauties - created by Geexman

Delusional Beauties
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the floating girl in the middle is not a mistake, but is supposed to be an illusion. (5 years and 2493 days ago)

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avatar Teebone100

Intense! great entry!

avatar CrystleClear

gorgeous! should have made the 3rd one a brunette =D

author says:

as you wish Crystle, thanks for the tip

avatar rbsgrl
rbsgrl says:

Fantastic work! The different eye color is awesome!

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

and I think she's dyed her hair each of those colors! LOL

avatar rbsgrl
rbsgrl says:

You are so right MnM!!!

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very intelligent approach and fantastic execution...I like 3 girls in the front but the forth girl with crashed image is fantastic addition...well done author

avatar DanielaOwergoor

Fantastic, and very creative!!!

avatar CrystleClear

oh my god you made her a brunette!!! fabulous work.. A++++++ from me author lol

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:'ve done an amazing job...wonderfully done. Real eye candy!! Love it!

avatar jaskier
jaskier says:

Good work.

avatar RickLaMesa

best of the lot...congrats

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Very creative, author. I like the texture on the girls, and nice hair color changes.

avatar madamemonty

Congrats Geex terrific work

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Congrats on a strong and cool image!

avatar Ory
Ory says:

Congratulations!!! Have a cookie!

note: cookie is purely hypothetical.

avatar spaceranger


Howdie stranger!
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