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Born of fire - created by skyangel

Born of fire
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For those who have not seen the series, the dragon eggs were placed in fire and Daenerys climbed into the fire. Once the fire had burned out, she was found naked and unharmed with her newly born dragons.

That episode inspired this work. (3 years and 213 days ago)

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gosseyn says:

Hi, I don't want to be that guy but... I think you can't use this dragon, it seems to me that it's taken from the tv show and unless you own the rights, you can't use it. Other problems are it is CGI and also you aren't the one who did the cropping around the dragon.. Unless you are that deviant art user ?

author says:

The dragon looks like a photo of a model to me since it looks like it was on a stand. It is clearly labelled as public domain. The PNG file is not on a transparent background so I had to cut it out anyway. I cut the stand away as well as the white background and had to fix the part of the tail which was cut away by the stand.

(3 years and 213 days ago)

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