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Squirrel Burgular - created by SkinMonkey

Squirrel Burgular
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"Police still have no leads in the case of the daring robbery from the Museum Of Blurry Landscapes And Massive Diamonds". Used layer styles, lighting effects and half-arsed digital drawing techniques. Was mostly an attempt to do something with this, without having to try to mask all that fur from the background (5 years and 1482 days ago)

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avatar spaceranger

This is a funny concept and looks pretty good but a high res is usually helpful. I think the rope might have looked better if you used a more conventional hemp type braided rope IMHO. It's clever how you saved yourself the mask work on the squirrel. If you want a good tutorial on this kind of mask work check out this one: I found it really helpful and not too difficult with a little practice. GL!

avatar derdevil
derdevil says:

Museum Of Blurry Landscapes And Massive Diamonds .... I like this
Clever way to avoid that boring fur masking

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

hahaha!!! CUTE!

author says:

Thanks all. Thanks for the link spaceranger. looks like a good technique. Love the avatar derdevil

avatar erathion
erathion says:

hahahaha....great idea of luck

Howdie stranger!
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