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Auntie Em!.... Auntie Em! - created by buzzy

Auntie Em!.... Auntie Em!
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Thanks to: (As if my links and atribution therein is not enough)
lukasbenc on FLIKR thats spelt F_L_I_K_R By lukasbenc
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This photo was taken on January 13, 2008 in Albion Park Rail, Wollongong, NSW, AU, using a Canon PowerShot A460. and can be found at Joined:June 2006
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bronayur: By bronayur
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This photo was taken on December 15, 2006 in Hales Eddy, New York, US, using a Fujifilm FinePix F10. Found on flikr! Spelt F L I K R and can be found at Name:Jayu
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Leboef: Found on FBrushes. com Spelled F B R U S H E S > C O M and found at ~leboef
sebastien leboef
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Skully7491 From Thats F B R U S H E S . C O M found here:
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Redheadstock on Deviantart. D E V I A N T A R T . C O M. Found here: Deviant
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As for the grass brushes, as a link to the source isnt enough there is no known or mentioned author, i found them on at this link: so we will just say thanks DUDE(ette)

Lightning Brushes :

A plain thanks and link was not good enough so Now that weve all been introduced!......

Links to brushes can be found below (guess you dont need that now) (5 years and 550 days ago)

7 Sources:

Moderator says:

Author, you where simply asked to credit or thank the authors of sources 5 & 7, the terms of use are link and credit. It is also a polite thing do, to thank the people who provide source material.

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CMYK46 says:

A good image that IMO relies too much on brushes. I know the author has good PS skills aside from using premade brushes.

avatar Drivenslush

what a great take on this contest good luck author

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Auntie Bing Bing's Wading Pool - created by Drivenslush

Auntie Bing Bings Wading Pool
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cooling down after a long day in the field (5 years and 1080 days ago)

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avatar orientallad

very good blending, love it

avatar dlanswayne

And a good thinking.

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