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the title is the pilots com (5 years and 3145 days ago)

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Great imagination! Just 2 suggestions: Make the plane bigger, and the smoke a bit less opaque. Good luck!

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

very interesting effect.. I really like the shadow casts from the smoke.. good luck author

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

I like this one very much, I'll ditto what CMYK46 and GolemAura said just as a sugestion, overall a very nice piece

avatar animmax
animmax says:

Great idea..

avatar gopankarichal

nice job. the extreme right smoke's direction you have to change to our eye direction(according to the camera view)

avatar siderismaris

passionate with computer games?) reminds me of starcraft or red allert. he he. nice!

avatar devangel
devangel says:

great idea. very nice. well done

avatar Siminho90
Siminho90 says:

very nice! looks good

avatar pingenvy
pingenvy says:

I would have tried something to make the plane less cartoony because imo the ground has a more realistic feel. That being said, great idea and well done composition. I like it a lot

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

I like it!

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Creative use of source. Nice work, author!

avatar ReapRevenge
ReapRevenge [banned] says:

Excellent idea.. nice work author !

avatar TheWinningStar

looks great GOOD LUCK

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 3rd

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Congrats! Very well done. Loved this one!

avatar gopankarichal


avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:


avatar orientallad


avatar spaceranger


Howdie stranger!
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